Tree & Shrub Care

A well-maintained landscape can have a significant impact on the aesthetic and monetary value of your property. But few people give the trees and shrubs the care they deserve. Turf Club is a lawn and landscape company that has made its name by helping customers develop lush, green, and beautiful gardens. At Turf Club, we understand that there is more to a well-landscaped property than green grass. By providing comprehensive tree and shrub care services, we help to ensure that your flower beds keep growing in value and beauty for many years to come.

Our comprehensive exam of your property will give us the information that we need to create a science-based tree and shrub care plan that fits your needs and your budget. You can count on our expertise and experience for high-quality services.

  • Spring Dormant Oil: **Late Winter/Early Spring—*Helps to control overwintering insects and their eggs. (Scale, Mites, etc.)
  • Spring Fertilization: **Spring—*Helps plants recover from winter stress, while increasing leaf/needle and flower growth.
  • Insect & Disease Treatment: **Early/Mid Spring*: This treatment will help prevent fungus (Scab, leaf spots, twig blights etc.) and early season insects (Caterpillars, scale etc.)
  • Insect/Disease/Mite Treatment: **Spring/Summer – *This treatment will continue to protect your landscape investment by controlling insects and mite problems (lace bugs, aphids, spider mites, bagworm). Landscape will also be inspected for disease problems and treated as needed.
  • Insect/Mite Treatment: *Summer/Fall – *This treatment will continue to protect your landscape investment by controlling insects and mite problems (fall webworms, spider mites, scale etc.)
  • Fall Fertilization: *Fall – *Helps plants recover from summer stress while strengthening root zone for the upcoming winter.
  • Fall Dormant Oil: Mid/Late Fall— Helps control overwintering insects/mites and their eggs. Excellent for ornamental fruit trees.
  • Anti-Desiccant/Winter Protection/Vapor Guard: **Late Fall—*Helps to protect your broadleaf evergreen plants (azalea, rhododendron, laurels, holly etc.). This treatment forms a protective wax-like layer which seals in moisture and helps retard winter dehydration. An added benefit is the glossy shine which Vapor Guard gives to the plant leaves. *Note – *Weather conditions must be 35° or less for three consecutive days before this application is applied

Testimonial: Gold Lawn Care Program Includes Tree & Shrub Care!

“Since using the Turf Club Gold Lawn Care Program with core aeration in the fall, I haven’t had to water my lawn in two years! It is lush and green just beautiful!”
B.G. of Scotch Plains, NJ

Lawn Care in Scotch Plains, NJ