The heat is on and your lawn is thirsty!

The heat is on and just like people and pets, our lawns and landscapes need plenty of water. Here are the basics…

  • Watering the lawn: Frequent watering is essential for a healthy, beautiful lawn.  In most cases, rainwater just isn’t sufficient.  Lawns need at least one inch of water each week that penetrates down to the root.  When using a hose and sprinkler, do not allow water to puddle.  Continue to move the hose and sprinkler around the yard so the water has time to soak into the soil.  If using an in-ground system be sure that all areas are covered and not flooding.
  • Water in the early morning:  Water early before the day gets hot allowing the water to soak into the soil.  Afternoon watering will evaporate before it has a chance to soak in. 
  • Plants need water in the soil, not on the leaves:   Plants absorb water through their roots, not the leaves.  They need enough water to soak the soil down about six inches.  Keeping the leaves dry will help avoid fungus and diseases.
  • Young plants need more water:  Plants need time to establish a strong root system to be able to absorb and store sufficient water.  Newly planted shrubs and trees need more frequent watering.
  • Water gradually to avoid run-off:  Set a slow trickle from the hose at the base of the plant.  Too much water too quickly will run-off and be wasted.  Be sure to water evenly around the plant.
  • A passing rain shower is not enough:  Short rain showers do not provide enough water to soak down into the soil. 
  • Not sure if it’s time to water?:   Water when the plants need it and not by a set schedule.  Check the soil by digging down a few inches to see if the soil is dry or moist.