Mosquito Control: May through October*

Mosquitos can be an unwanted nuisance in our yards. Furthermore, mosquitoes can carry diseases that can cause serious health risks to people and animals alike. Our applications both repel and kill mosquitos while creating a protective barrier around your property forcing the pests to find another food source. Each application lasts up to 21 days and we will be treating your property with 12-15 applications made throughout the season.

Tick Control: Spring through Fall*

Ticks are a serious threat hiding in our outdoor landscapes. They can travel across our properties and latch on to pets and people, entering our homes and potentially spreading dangerous diseases. Our tick control program offers protection service from May through November and applications are sprayed monthly and last 30+ days. Custom programs are created due to the various aspects/needs of each property are different.

* Additional charges may be applied to highly wooded areas.

Our repellent solutions are:

  • All natural – 100% environmentally friendly
  • Weather resistant
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Quick to dry (about 5 min after the application)

Gold Program: Year-Round Coverage:
Applications are made every 3—4 weeks depending on the season and are more frequent during the growing season (April—August) with approximately 12 – 15 applications.

Silver Program: Partial-Year Coverage (April—End of October)
Applications are made during growing season only and will have 7-10 applications.