Dear Control: Year-Round or Partial Year Coverage Options

When servicing your property, our technicians will spray your landscape with a mist of industry proven deer repellent and focus extra attention on materials we know are prone to deer grazing. In most cases, we also spray the perimeter of the property to act as a fence in hopes to keep deer completely off the property.

Our repellent solutions are:

  • All natural – 100% environmentally friendly
  • Weather resistant
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Quick to dry (about 5 min after the application)

We recommend year-round coverage but do offer two service programs:

Gold Program: Year-Round Coverage:
Applications are made every 3—4 weeks depending on the season and are more frequent during the growing season (April—August) with approximately 12 – 15 applications.

Silver Program: Partial-Year Coverage (April—End of October)
Applications are made during growing season only and will have 7-10 applications