Dandelions, Plantains and Wild Onions – Spring Weeds have Emerged


  • – Can have 4-100 seeds in one seed head, are very prolific and the seeds can travel for miles in the wind.
  • – Pre-emergent herbicides are your best bet, but a herbicide may be applied after you see them pop up.
  • – Applications of herbicides prior to the white seeds emerging is necessary or they will spread!


  • – Broadleaf weed that is best controlled with a post emergent herbicide
  • – Maintaining a healthy lawn helps to push our these weeds. By aerating compacted soil and fertilize on a regular basis will help control Plantains.

Wild Onions

  • – Recognizable by their think, waxy tall stems that grow in clumps.
  • – Are difficult to control and may require several rounds of herbicide treatments.
  • – Pulling them out may just break off the bulbs in the ground and from them, can re-grow new shoots.

All of these weeds can be controlled with a good, broadleaf herbicide which will attack only these weeds and not kill your lawn. If you see any of them, give us a call so we can treat them before they take over your lawn.