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Lawn Aeration FAQ’s

  • How can I tell if my lawn needs to be aerated?

    Does your lawn pass the following test:

    • Does the lawn look thin?
    • Are there bare or brown spots in the lawn?
    • Does the lawn contain excessive thatch or dead grass?
    • Is the lawn/ground hard or rocky?
    • Can you easily penetrate the grass 4 – 6”?

    If your lawn looks thin, has brown or bare spots, core aeration is most likely a sound solution. Simply put, if your grass does not look the way you want it to, Core Aeration could greatly benefit you. Throughout the season, drought, disease and insects can greatly damage our lawns.

    Another way to determine whether or not your lawn needs to be Core Aerated is to walk on it. If it feels very hard, rock or dry, aeration will benefit the lawn. An easy test for a homeowner is to thrust a shove or sharp object into the ground. You should be able to penetrate the soil using very little force 4 – 6” down. If this takes pressure or is hard to penetrate, your soil is too compacted for proper root growth and aeration is recommended.

  • Why do I need to aerate my lawn at least once a year?

    • Saves up to 50% on watering costs!!!
    • Reduces water run-off and puddling
    • Improves turf grass rooting
    • Reduces soil compaction
    • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
    • Improves turf grass resiliency and cushioning
    • Enhances thatch breakdown
  • When is the best time of year to aerate my lawn?

    The lawn must be aerated within the growing season of the particular grass. In New Jersey, our cool season grass (ie: Kentucky Blue, Ryegrass, Fescue) should be aerated in early spring or late summer/fall. If it is a warm season grass such as Bermuda grass, you should aerate end of spring or early summer.

    Cool season turf grass types to aerate in the fall:

    • Creeping bentgrass
    • Kentucky blue grass
    • Tall fescue
    • Ryegrass

    Warm season turf grass types to aerate in the spring:

    • Bermuda grass
    • Buffalo grass
    • Zoysia grass

    Tips on when to aerate:

    • Aerate when the soil is moist, but not saturated
    • Avoid aerating during high heat times
    • Avoid aerating during a drought
    • Control weeds prior to aeration
    • Wait one year before aerating new lawns

Lawn Overseeding FAQ’s

  • What is Overseeding?

    Overseeding is the process of planting of grass seed directly into growing lawns, without tearing up the existing turf or soil. It’s a simple way to fill in bare spots, improve density, integrate seasional grass varieties and enhance the color of your lawn. Basically it makes your lawn look green and healthy all year long.

  • Why should I overseed my lawn?

    To ensure a healthy and lush green lawn all year long. For lots of different reasons, old turf can deteriorate or die out completely. Overseeding your lawn with new and improved grass seed mixtures will get new turf growing in bare spots while enhancing the areas where the turf is thin and not healthy.

    However, first you need to determine the source of problem that caused the original turf to deteriorate. It might be due to conditions that, if not corrected, will eventually cause the newly overseeded lawn to deteriorate again.

    If a lawn looks weathered, patchy and bare in spots, if it needs larger amounts of water and fertilizer to grow, or is disease or insect ridden, then it’s time to overseed.

      Benefits of overseeding:

    • Fills in unsightly bare spots
    • Improves turf density and color
    • Helps the lawn withstand drought, shady conditions, disease, insects and heavy foot traffic
    • Reduces the amount of water, fertilizer, and pesticides needed for maximum growth
    • Correctable problems include:

    • Nutrient deficient soil
    • Improper soil drainage
    • Hard or compacted soil
    • Low water absorbsion rates
    • Low fertility and reproduction rates
    • Low air circulation
    • Lack of sufficient sunlight
    • Excessive thatch
    • Unsuitable grass varieties for the climate
    • Maintenance neglect

    If you have trouble identifying the problem, call us and we will provide a no obligation diagnosis of your lawn so you can correct the existing issues before establishing new health grass.

  • When is the best time to overseed my lawn?

    Here in New Jersey it’s best to overseed in late summer and early fall. September through October are the ideal months of the year to overseed because soil and temperatures are perfect for successful seed germination and growth. With lots of moisture, fertilizer and sun, the new seeds will be well established before cooler fall temperatures set in. Also, weeds are less likely of a threat which gives the new grass seeds a better chance to thrive.

My lawn was looking pretty bad so I called Turf Club for help. They were able to aerate and overseed my lawn the same day I called and I could not be happer with the results. It’s been about a year since they came out and my lawn is still the nicest on the block.

Murray Goldstein – Berkeley Heights, NJ

I usually let my lawn die off in the winter but I decided to let Turf Club aerate and overseed and now I have green grass all year long. My spring and summer grass is also much nicer and softer than before. I’ll be using Turf Club’s services every fall from now on.

Peter Franklin – Scotch Plains, NJ

Working with Marcie and James at Turf Club could not be easier. They took the time to understand my needs and James was able to get the job done the very same day. When my neighbors ask why my lawn is always so nice and green I’m happy to recommend they call Marcie at Turf Club.

Jackie Cammelletti – Westfield, NJ